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DCT Knee Pillow

The DCT Knee Pillow is a custom ergonomic knee pad that has the unique function of transfering the weight from you knee cap back onto your shin as you perform kneeling exercises or lung on the floor to perform DCT exercises on yourself or with your clients.  It is a must have for any serious practitioner or stretching aficionado.

Amazing_New_Product: Check out The Rolflex --- The Foam Roller Re-Imagined!!

The Rolflex Have you ever wondered why over the last 30 years of the fitness boom the foam roller is still considered one of the best options for recovery work? Co-Creators Terry Cross and Nic Bartolotta teamed up to revolutionize the Myofascial Release and Trigger Point industry by creating an entirely new class of foam roller that uses leverage to radically release tension in your body. This DCT endorsed product will absolutely blow your mind! Click Here to learn more about the Rolflex and using Leverage vs. Gravity!

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