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DCT Proflex™ for Personal Use Package

Choose this package if you want to learn how to use the DCT ProFlex to radically improve your flexibility!  This package comes with a DVD that will teach you the principals of Dynamic Contraction Technique as well as easy to follow DCT exercise routines called Tune Ups.  There is no other stretching tool like the DCT ProFlex!  Click here to watch one of the Beginner Level Tune Ups.

The benefits from using the DCT ProFlex™ include:

  • Alleviation of pain from PLANTAR FASCIITIS
  • Alleviation of pain from SHIN SPLINTS
  • Alleviation of pain associated with BUNIONS, HEEL SPURS, and HAMMER TOES
  • Increased STRENGTH and COORDINATION for greater BALANCE and POWER
  • Increased FLEXIBILITY and DEXTERITY of the foot and lower leg that can REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY
  • Improved CIRCULATION of blood and lymph
  • Improved POSTURE and GAIT

Amazing_New_Product: Check out The Rolflex --- The Foam Roller Re-Imagined!!

The Rolflex Have you ever wondered why over the last 30 years of the fitness boom the foam roller is still considered one of the best options for recovery work? Co-Creators Terry Cross and Nic Bartolotta teamed up to revolutionize the Myofascial Release and Trigger Point industry by creating an entirely new class of foam roller that uses leverage to radically release tension in your body. This DCT endorsed product will absolutely blow your mind! Click Here to learn more about the Rolflex and using Leverage vs. Gravity!

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