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TEC DCT ProFlex for Facility with all 3 Sizing Straps (Qty 1)

DCT ProFlex:

The foot, ankle, and knee are common areas of chronic pain due to the constant strain and wear & tear of everyday life. We rarely give our lower legs the attention they deserve partly because until very recently there hasn’t been a product that could efficiently address the area of the body in a efficient and effective manner. The DCT ProFlex is the first resistance stretching tool of its kind. It’s unique patented design allows for leverage to be provided during eccentric muscle contractions using a self stretching strap. The true innovation however is in the ergonomics of how the ProFlex connects to your foot and allows for an organic motion that strengthens and stretches the muscles of the lower leg and foot. The device can even be used to provide a more global stretch of the connective tissue or fascia that runs all the way up to your hip and lower back!

Amazing_New_Product: Check out The Rolflex --- The Foam Roller Re-Imagined!!

The Rolflex Have you ever wondered why over the last 30 years of the fitness boom the foam roller is still considered one of the best options for recovery work? Co-Creators Terry Cross and Nic Bartolotta teamed up to revolutionize the Myofascial Release and Trigger Point industry by creating an entirely new class of foam roller that uses leverage to radically release tension in your body. This DCT endorsed product will absolutely blow your mind! Click Here to learn more about the Rolflex and using Leverage vs. Gravity!

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